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Our Approach

Select your impact

High-Impact Organizations. Epic selects highly effective NGOs and social enterprises working to support children and youth globally.
Our methodology leverages due-diligence, expert networks and on-the-ground analysis.
Epic focuses on a holistic analysis of an organization's social impact, operations and leadership.
Organizations are identified by our ongoing global sourcing initiative with intel from outstanding partners around the world.

  • Children & Youth
    Supporting youth
    and understanding
    their challenges
  • Your Impact
    We select exceptional
    NGOs and social
    enterprises by carefully
    reviewing their performance
  • Areas Of Focus
    Education, Economic
    Health, Rights
    & Protection
Monitor Your Impact

Data That Matters. Epic invests in monitoring and evaluation to measure the impact of philanthropic investments. We work with organizations to ensure social objectives are achieved.
Our goal is to guarantee that portfolio organizations have the resources they need and are using them effectively.
Epic provides ongoing monitoring using cutting-edge technology, field evaluations and research, to track and measure impact.

  • Expertise
    Our team helps
    track & enhance
  • No Overhead
    100% of your donations
    go directly to our
    portfolio organizations
  • Innovation
    We invest in new
    technology for
    monitoring social
Experience Your impact

The Journey Towards Impact. We believe experience is a core component of philanthropy. To connect donors with their impact, Epic has developed innovative travel, technology and video experiences. Advanced mobile and web applications enable our donors and organizations to communicate their impact. Our travel opportunities support direct engagement with organizations and communities involved in making a difference. Epic’s team of journalists and filmmakers will create engaging videos on the key issues Epic’s Portfolio Organizations are addressing.

  • Access
    Track & share
    your impact via mobile,
    web & video
  • Engage
    Cultivate relationships
    with organizations
    & their leaders
  • Network
    Join a network of
    like-minded philanthropists
    and social innovators
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