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Epic Foundation partnered with Founders Pledge to enable a new generation of entrepreneurs to do well by doing good
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What is the Epic Founders Pledge
Through the Epic Founders Pledge, entrepreneurs commit to donate 2% of their personal proceeds to empower disadvantaged youth globally, following an exit
Our team at Epic Foundation works to select and monitor top charities globally, so you can trust that your pledge will make an impact
We work with you post-exit to define the optimal giving strategy from our portfolio organizations so you can empower the next generation of potential founders globally.
A powerful community
Epic Foundation and Founders Pledge are working together to grow a community of like-minded founders reshaping philanthropy
Our diverse members come from all over the globe and all stages of business. Collaborate with other world leaders in successful business and effective charity
As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to wait to be profitable to start giving back. Through the Epic Founders Pledge, you can embed social impact and giving into your culture from day one
Alexandre MARS
Pledging takes 5 minutes and is not tied to equity. The pledge agreement is simple to complete and doesn’t require board approval
Designed for startups that haven’t begun to consider an exit, from Seed to Series G
Deploy donations to solve the most pressing challenges facing disadvantaged children and youth
Eligible for tax relief in EU and US, 100% model: no costs,
no fees, no commissions.
A small commitment today can have a significant impact in the future
Create a ripple effect in the tech industry and get more founders giving
Support top charities empowering disadvantaged children
Make a powerful statement to socially conscious citizens around the globe
Create a corporate culture that makes your employees proud
Drive commercial growth by doing well and doing good, simultaneously
While the pledge is a personal one, it will reflect on both you as a leader and on your company
Take control of your company’s conscience by making the pledge today
Our 100% model
Your entire pledge goes to the charities or social causes of your choice
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